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Why Can’t WordPress Tutorials Be Written in Language for Regular People?

[tweetmeme]I have a WordPress blog.  I’m a regular person.  That is, my technology skills are ordinary (actually, quite ordinary).  That is why I find tutorials about WordPress blogs so confounding.  Why can’t they use regular language for regular people? Today, I tried to add a subpage (or child, in WordPress-ese).  I thought it would be simple, but no, I ended up with my subpage as my parent page on the tool bar of my blog and my other subpages had disappeared.  Are you confused yet?  So was I.

So, I Googled “How do I create a subpage in WordPress?”  I read a few of the search items that came up that were completely unintelligible.  Then I looked at a tutorial from WordPress that must have been written for an earlier version than WP 2.8 because the first place they told me to go was not where they said it was.  Here is what I found and how I thought it could be written so regular people like me could figure it out.


Just as you can have Subcategories within your Categories, you can also have SubPages within your Pages, creating a hierarchy of pages.
To begin the process, go to Administration > Write > Write Page panel, in the upper right corner of the panel and click the “Page Parent” drop-down menu. The drop-down menu contains a list of all the Pages already created for your site. To turn your current Page into a SubPage, or “Child” of the “Parent” Page, select the appropriate Page from the drop-down menu. If you specify a Parent other than “Main Page (no parent)” from the list, the Page you are now editing will be made a Child of that selected Page. When your Pages are listed, the Child Page will be nested under the Parent Page. The Permalinks of your Pages will also reflect this Page hierarchy.

Regular Person Version:
(Note:  my parent page is Business Writing)

To add a subpage:
1.    Under Pages click “Add page”
2.    Write the page and give it a title, i.e., Branding
3.    Look over to the right column under “Attributes”
4.    Where it says “Parent” “Main Page, No Parent’ (in the little box), click on the drop down arrow and click on “Business Writing” which will now appear in the box
5.    Publish page – which will now appear under Business Writing

Now, do you understand how it’s done?