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Why Companies Abandon Their Blogs and What To Do About It

I was in a new business meeting the other day and suggested that starting a company blog had the potential to increase visitors to the company’s website. We all know (don’t we?) that Google rewards dynamic content so posting regularly will eventually boost your rankings.

Why Blogs are Abandoned

The designer I was with said “Oh, no” that won’t work. I couldn’t blame him. He had designed websites and blogs for a number of clients and within a short time the blogs had been abandoned.

It’s a commitment to write a weekly or twice-weekly blog. Who will write the blog – someone inside the company or will we outsource it? What will we write about? Where will our ideas come from?

These are legitimate questions, but I believe it is a lack of will and commitment from top management that is behind the failures.There isn’t a plan in place to keep the blog going and building momentum.

Tips for Bloggers

So, if you, or your company, have abandoned your blog here are some steps to take: Read More→

Make it Easier to Comment on Your Blogs and Websites — and Ditch Captcha

I subscribe to quite a few blogs, including social media experts such as Darren Rouse at ProBlogger and Michael Steltzner at Social Media Examiner. Or, I’ll stumble on a website when I’m doing a Google search. If I have something I’d like to add to the discussion I leave a comment. The problem is — I often can’t easily locate where to do that. So, please make it easier for me to comment.

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Most blogs enable you to scroll to the bottom where there is a box for comments. But there may be dozens of comments before yours — your scroll wheel gets a real workout and I, and others, may lose interest before getting there. I just copied this from a popular site —

Showing 98 comments

Ugh! I guess I should ask myself why would I want to comment there, anyway.

As a result of this informal research, I added “Leave a comment” right next to my byline at the top of my post. So if someone is so inclined, s/he can click and leave a comment without scrolling down. Or, there is still the comment box at the end of the post. Two easy choices.

What ARE Those Letters?

Also, is it necessary to make people type in a jumble of letters to prove you’re a real human being and not a robot? Captcha is the biggest pain in the neck. Sometimes I have to go through the process two or three times before I can actually read the darn letters. That might discourage a lot of people from submitting their comments. I don’t use Captcha and I rarely have spammers – my spam filter seems to be doing a good job.

Anyway, enough griping. I need time to go leave some comments.