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Are You Thinking of Switching to a WordPress Website?

You may have found me because you’re wondering if you should switch to WordPress. You’ve come to the right place for an answer in this article.

I’ve done two things on purpose: I’ve used the words “WordPress Website” in my headline and called what I’m writing an “article.”

Build Your Own Website

Here is something you need to know: a WordPress blog IS a website. Read More→

Rebranding My WordPress Blog

If they can rebrand, so can I

[tweetmeme]If you’re a subscriber, you may have a noticed a change in the look of Write Speak Sell.  You would be right.  I have changed templates from the Red Essence to the Flexx theme, which, as it indicates, is a flexible theme with more options.

Why did I do this?  I advise clients on sharpening their brands.  But I felt my own was a little fuzzy with my old theme.  A tab in the navigation bar for “Business Writing” was just too generic.  My business has evolved over the past year and I’ve been gravitating to three focused offerings:  blog and web copy, employee engagement and branding.  Now even the term branding is a little broad, but it’s such a recognized term that I think people will get it.  The top three widgets with these services tell visitors right away what I do – and they are “above the fold.”  That is, they are visible even on the small screen of a laptop.

If I can get it working properly, I’ve also added a new podcast product called audioboo, which allows me to create podcasts on my IPhone and they are published directly to my blog.  Neat.  It’s a small technical problem that I will get worked out shortly.

My categories and blog role are now on my home page and I’ve added a search box. I still need to add content to my right sidebar on my home page because there is quite a bit of white space there.  I’m open to suggestions.

It’s a constant process – tweaking, trimming, adding to – and hopefully — improving a business.  That’s why I thought I’d share my process with you.  Any thoughts about how you’ve adapted and changed your brand or business model?  Would love to hear from you.