The Real Mark Zuckerberg: Where Did I Go Wrong?

[tweetmeme]Thanks to Mashable, which carried this video in today’s updates, I was able to see the real Mark Zuckerberg as a surprise guest on Saturday Night Live. I’m just kidding about where I went wrong. What I mean is when did 20-somethings start ruling the world? I was still in college at his age (went nights and started later), but at the tender age of 26 he’s a gazillionaire. And Jesse Eisenberg, who was the guest host and portrayed Zuckerberg in “Social Network,” is only 27 and already up for an Academy Award. (Maybe it helps if your last name ends in “berg” as Zuckerberg’s continuing character on SNL is Andy Samberg.)

Tells me that no matter what your age, you better keep up or watch the rear ends of those passing you by.  Here’s the video.  Enjoy.

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  1. Jeannette:

    Doesn’t Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg kind of frighten you, just a bit? I know it does me.

    And, I just love the eye fixation on the cue cards!

  2. How did I miss this? I need to get out of my “cave more often” LOL. Love your title and commentary. Facebook and “kids” ruling the world – we are all in deep sneakers! BTW I tried to adopt Mark but he turned me down!

  3. Yes, it is amazing how Facebook and social networking is taking over. Mostly in good ways, but I have seen some drawbacks, mostly in the passing of “incorrect” information!

    Thanks for posting this!