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LinkedIn Rich Media Files

Michael Yublosky

LinkedIn added many new features in their roll out of the new personal profiles earlier this year. The social network continues to expand those features.

One terrific new feature is the ability to include “Rich Media” files in certain profile sections. A recently expanded feature includes uploading smaller files — not larger than 100 mg — directly from your computer.

What Are “Rich Media” Files?

Photos or images, presentations, audio files, and videos as well as documents are included in LinkedIn’s definition of Rich Media files.

These files may be added to three sections in your personal profile: Summary, Experience, and Education. In fact, you can add them to each individual experience and education listed on your profile. LinkedIn also provides the means to play files containing audio as well as video.

Larger files must sit somewhere out on the web and have a public URL (address) associated with it. This includes all audio or video files. However, you can easily overcome this obstacle and should most definitely embrace the opportunity to embellish your brand.

This task may be accomplished in one of three ways:

Select a Content Provider. Open an account with a web-hosting source, called a content provider. Most basic accounts are free. LinkedIn provides a lengthy list of Approved Providers and Content Types. Here are several familiar ones:

  • Videos: CNN, Vimeo, Forbes, YouTube
  • Images: Twitter, Pinterest, somecards
  • Presentations and Documents: Google Docs, BoxNet, SlideShare
  • Audios: Band Camp, Rdio
  • Others: Kickstarter, Quantcast

Linkedin Rich Media FilesThen follow these steps:

  • Copy the (URL) address assigned to the file.
  • As above, sign in to LinkedIn and go to < Edit Profile >. Click on the add rich media icon in the section where you want to add a file. Click on < Upload File >, browse your drives for the file, and upload. Add a description. Save.
  • Paste the URL into the < Add Link > content box, making sure you include the prefix http:// and Save.

Save Your File to a Folder. Upload your file to a folder on your website or blog (or even your own server connected to the Internet). Ask your webmaster for help if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. In my opinion, it is best to set up a new folder solely to store these files. If you own a WordPress website, simply upload images or documents directly to your media library file. Copy the (URL) address for insertion into your LinkedIn profile as described above.

Sign up for a free website. If you don’t already have a website, set up a free one on Follow the procedure above after again saving your files to the media library.

Upload Directly From Your Hard Drive

The Rich Media Files option allows you to upload smaller files — not larger than 100 mg — directly from your computer’s hard drive to LinkedIn. This is similar to attaching a file to an email. Click on < Upload File >, browse your drives for the file, and upload. Add a description. Save. These files are limited to:

  • Images: jpg, png, gif, etc.
  • Documents: doc, pdf, odt, etc.
  • Presentations: ppt, pdf, odp, etc.

LinkedIn is gradually releasing this new feature and on May 1 announced:  “Currently, you can only use this feature if you’ve received a promotional email about this or have been notified on your LinkedIn account. Eventually all members will have access to this feature.” If you have not been notified yet, you will be, so be prepared with your account with a content provider or website.

Additional notes: You can no longer use other third party applications on LinkedIn. Prior users of the SlideShare Presentations as well as the Portfolio Display applications saw their content automatically migrated to their Summary section. WordPress bloggers can have their blog articles included in their profile automatically with a plugin available through JetPack.

To learn more about adding, editing or removing work samples on your profile visit LinkedIn’s Help Center. To see how your images would look, scroll through LinkedIn’s presentation below.

Michael Yublosky, MBA, is a small business web marketing strategist and a WordPress and LinkedIn specialist. Michael combines 30+ years of professional consultative sales experience coupled with marketing, training and coaching experience. He presents workshops for businesses, and volunteers for SCORE-Chicago and non-profit job guidance agencies in the greater Chicago area. Read more of his insights into LinkedIn and connect with Yublosky on LinkedIn.

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  1. I have already started to update my profile with the new feature. I really think they’re cool. This was helpful and gave some new and better ideas for my updates. 🙂

  2. Less than a week ago, I went in to update my profile a bit, and realized all the new features that had been added. It’s a good change, that’s for sure.

    • Catarina — great. Glad you found this information useful. Now I need to get going with more images.