Top 30 Twitter Users and Does it Matter?

[tweetmeme]What does it take to be a star on Twitter? And are you a star because you send out the most tweets or because you have the most followers? Does it matter? Thanks to All Twitter, (who got the infograph from ICrossing) we learned:

  1. The New York Times sends out the most tweets, around 5,000 a month. But with fewer than 4 million followers, is the Times more important than Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, who tweet less but reach 8 million+ followers?
  2. Among the top most active Twitter users only The New York Times and CNN are non-celebrities.
  3. Of the top 30 Twitter users only two are sports-related and three are news or political. The rest are split between music and Hollywood

Probably no surprises here. I personally believe how many tweets you send isn’t important. What’s important is that your tweets and retweets provide value to your followers. Also, the number of  tweets you send has little bearing on the direct relationships you have on Twitter. Those are built painstakingly one at a time.

As I wrote in a previous post Is Viral Marketing Being Oversold When a Tweet is Retweeted Only 1.4 Times, word of mouth (WOM) may be oversold when it comes to business. No doubt Twitter has played a critical role in reporting events on the ground during the recent uprisings in Egypt, Libya and other world trouble spots. But as the panelists discussed at a viral Meetup I attended on which I based my earlier post, is the frenzy around viral marketing actually producing business and building brands? That’s the question being asked by marketers in 2011.

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  1. Thanks, Chris. I agree. Tweet when you have something worth saying. We don’t need to know you just had a haircut, unless you are Justin Bieber.