Twitter Fatigue

Are you tired of tweeting?  I find a fatigue factor is setting in.  I have fewer than 200 people I’m following (carefully chosen) and their posts are just whizzing by.  It doesn’t help that Twitter has been moving at the speed of a pig stuck in mud when I try to catch up with them.

I also find – to my surprise and dismay – that some of the most famous social media gurus write really dull tweets.  Do I need to get a blow-by-blow account of who is winning the NBA semi-final?  If I am a rabid fan it’s likely that I’m actually watching the game on TV or following it online.

This brings up the point of why we Tweet.  Is it to pass the time of day by recounting your every meal and when you went to bed?  Or is there a more serious purpose of sharing information about social media and reporting breaking news about a new company product – or product recall.  I’m guilty myself of some pretty lame tweets. A good friend reported she had returned from the evening ballet performance and I one-upped her by saying I had already been to the afternoon performance.

As the King of Siam said in the musical “The King and I” — is a puzzlement.  Write to if you’d like to express your thoughts, or add a comment below.

Why do you Tweet?

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