Use Buffer to Schedule Your Tweets

Today I’m going to discuss Buffer. This seemed like a natural follow-up to last week’s article about bitly, the link shortener.

Sharing Made Easy"Buffer schedules your tweets and posts"

Buffer is a great tool for sharing content with your followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. You can add the Buffer extension in the Firefox, Safari, and Chrome browsers and download an iPhone app. (However, I didn’t see Internet Explorer on the list. Maybe it’s coming).

Click on Buffer and the content is distributed to the three social networks, saving you the trouble of distributing them manually. (Yes, I know you can also schedule messages on HootSuite and the Twitter-owned TweetDeck.)

Optimum Timing

What I like about Buffer, though, is that you don’t have to do the scheduling. Buffer does it for you. Remember last week I told you that it was best to tweet in the afternoon, early in the week?

Well, if I were to post something late this evening and used Buffer to schedule it, the post would likely be distributed tomorrow.

You can add the Buffer app to your own Share This tool bar to help visitors spread your content, without their having to click on each social media icon button.

"Buffer Icon"Or, when you’re visiting a website, if you see a story you want to share, you can click on your Buffer icon (see left) located in your browser. You will see a  window pop up, as I did.

I visited Mashable and shared this story — “The iPad Mini is Inevitable” — by clicking on the Buffer icon. Here is what I saw:

"Add to Buffer or Post Now"

Add to Buffer or Post Now

I had the option of scheduling my message or posting it immediately to all three networks.

Making it Easy

Populating your social media networks with content can be very time consuming. Buffer is an easy way to share content on the run.

If you’re reading your daily newspaper online, and want to share several articles, click on Buffer for each one. It will spread them out over the day.

You don’t want to overload your Twitter stream, for example, with an excessive number of tweets coming one after the other. It’s bothersome to your followers.

Tweriod + Buffer

After I finished writing this post, I read the latest issue of Social Media Examiner which ran a story about five Twitter tools, including a free app called Tweriod that works with Buffer. Glad that I can include this added information.

I’ve just signed up for Tweriod. As SME says, Tweriod “analyzes your tweets and your followers’ tweets to give you the best time and day of the week to tweet to get the highest visibility for your content. The analysis generally shows you the time and day that your followers are most active on Twitter, which helps you share your content more effectively.”

Then, you log into your Buffer account and it will automatically set the time that Tweriod suggests for your tweets. How cool is that!

Shortly after registering for Tweriod, I was emailed a report with optimal times for my tweets based when my followers are most active. Here is the report. Note that Tweriod suggests eliminating early morning tweets in line with bitly’s research.

"Tweriod Optimum Times to Tweet"

Tweriod Optimum Times to Tweet

So that’s the story of Buffer and Tweriod.

By the way, while you’re here, would you mind going to the Buffer icon on the left floating toolbar and sharing this post with your followers? Thanks a lot!

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  1. Thanks for the review of these handy tools. Both are new to me – I can see how they would be useful. I really like the sound of Tweriod – I will have to take a look at that one.

    • Leora — considering that you are so knowledgeable about WordPress, I’m glad that I could introduce you to these new tools!

  2. Agree with Leora that they are handy tools.

    Personally use 1-click Retweeet/Share/Like and it works very well for me. Like Susan, I’m into simplifying so for the time being I will stick to that system. If I find the need to focus more on tweeting I think your suggestion of Tweriod .is great

    • Catarina — I can understand your reluctance to add another gadget. However, you get three posts for one when you use Buffer. You need to click on three icons on the share button. Guess I’m lazy!

      • Whenever I publish it’s automatically added to Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook without me having to click on anything. Maybe I’m even more lazy:-)

  3. Thanks for the information. I am going to attempt to download these tools and use them! I especially like how my retweets can be scheduled throughout the day,. Personally I get very annoyed when I receive 10-12 tweets in a row from someone all retweeting something.

    • Grace — as you mention, one of the benefits of Buffer and Tweriod is that you don’t send a stack of tweets at one time. I, too, find that annoying. Besides, you don’t get the benefit of scheduling your tweets throughout the day.

  4. Great review on a tool I should be using. The whole sharing thing can be a bit overwhelming if it weren’t for these kinds of tools. Thanks for giving me this as one to add to my arsenal

  5. Considering that it took me almost six months to finally give Tweet Old Post a try and nearly seven months to start dabbling with HootSuite, I am ready to jump on the Buffer bandwagon as well. I wonder how many other people procrastinate like me when it comes to implementing new tech tools?

    • Jeri — I’m not sure it’s procrastination as much as it is being overwhelmed by all the tools out there. You can’t use everything, but I do think Buffer makes life a lot easier.

  6. I love that I am using these tools already! So many retweet tools are popping up with this option like what you showed here Jeannette. It almost seals the deal for people to register for and use Buffer. Thanks again.

    • Pat — glad that you’re already using these tools. I just used Buffer to post a new blog from a friend. Did it in one step from Buffer. So easy.

  7. You’re welcome, Cheryl. I’m glad I was able to introduce you to these tools. I think you’ll like them.

  8. Incredibly useful post Jeannette – I use HootSuite but it has it’s limitation. Both Buffer and Tweriod sound like they’d make the job easier. I really appreciate the information – it’s always so great to have a recommendation!

  9. Hi Jeannette,

    Well this is my first visit to your blog and I love this topic.

    I actually use both these services but because of Tweriod, I know when my followers are online to view my tweets. I think that’s so important because although we want to share others content, it won’t do any good if the majority of your followers aren’t going to see them.

    I prefer setting my own times up though because Buffer has the tendency to spread mine out too far apart so that some of them might takes days before they’re tweeted. I do have my times set though based on what I had learned from Tweriod so it’s a fabulous service. I believe next month it’s time to check my stats again to see if it’s the same.

    Great post and hope everyone understands the benefit of using both of these services.

    Enjoy your day now!


    • Adrienne — welcome to my blog! Thanks for visiting and sharing your experience using Buffer and Tweriod and for reinforcing that Tweriod is a great tool for scheduling your tweets when you’re followers are online. Since joining Tweriod, I have noticed a very slight increase in Twitter traffic but not sure I can attribute it to Tweriod. I’ll have to measure this over time.

  10. It is amazing how technology helps us straddle various social networking sites at one go. As of now, I only blog and use LinkedIn, but I am asking my friends who use FB, LI and Twitter to drop by.

    • Lubna — As long as you’re blogging, you might want to have accounts on other social networking sites so that you can automatically distribute your posts automatically. It will give you more exposure and higher search rankings.

  11. I have actually just created my first Buffer list and now I am crossing my fingers to see how it pans out for my blog when it goes out tomorrow. Again, my thanks Jeannette.

    PS. Do you have a post previously on how often should you tweet within a day to maximize your potential reach? I think it would be a great supplement for this.

    • Adeline — Great, I know you’ll enjoy Buffer not only for your bogs but to post content you like on other websites. I wrote a post recently “Bitly Discloses the Best Times to Tweet and Post and Adds New Features” that I think will answer your question about timing your tweets.