Wow. Website Grader Gives My Blog a Top Ranking

Website Grader is a HubSpot program and gives your site an overall grade. Today I received an email from the company that said:  “Your Website Grade improved by 4 points, from 93 to 97.” That means scores higher than 97% of the 2,646,608 websites that have been ranked so far. (Now I’m up to 98!)

Now I’m going for a grade of 100!  Don’t know if I’ll make it, but I’m ready to try, with the help of my blogging buddies and my loyal readers.

Here is what the program analyzes:

  • Content:  blogs, Google indexed pages and readability level
  • Optimization:  metadata, headings, images, and interior page analysis
  • Promotion:  how you rank on social media sites

As I read through the report, I also found that my Alexa Traffic Rank is in the top 6.38% of all websites.  Alexa is an online service that measures traffic for millions of sites on the Internet in a similar way to Nielsen television show ratings.

Why is This Important to My Readers?

I’m feeling pretty good about my rankings.  But here’s what’s important:  apparently my content is helping my readers to solve a problem, learn something new or share my perspective on a current event.  That’s my real goal:  to provide value to people who take some of their precious time to visit my blog.

I’m blogging and writing for a living – having rebranded myself early last year as a Business Writer.  I had held senior marketing communications positions with major corporations and agencies.  But I felt it was time to re-invent myself.  The world of social media was opening up and I wanted to be part of the action.  I walked through the door into the blogosphere and I haven’t looked back.

I’m hooked.  I love discovering new subjects to explore and I am very happy, dear readers, that you are visiting with me and enjoying what I have to say.

Thank you.

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  1. Good work Jeannette and congratulations! I don’t think my sites rank that high!

    Yes, I noticed Website Grader was generating report updates for some of my clients also. Good way to solicit additional business.

    They have some excellent information and guides available on their site for do it yourselfers.


  2. I’m impressed how you have taken to social media like a duck to water, but not at all surprised. The skills that you employed as a top public relations professional translate seamlessly to the world of business writing and social media. I think at the heart of it all you’re a teacher and to be taught is exactly what companies need in these changing times. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to continue learning from you. You get an A+ from me as well. Well done!

  3. Great news about your rankings. Mine have consistently gone up but not to your level. The Alexa ranking is so hard to achieve so you are certainly getting a lot of traffic.



  4. Congratulations Jeannette!

    Last time I did Website Grader I was among the top 12%. Actually haven’t made an effort to improve that. Just did it again and I’m amongst the top 11%.

    They really hate the fact that I use large photographs and tell me off repeatedly. Nevertheless 619 sites have linked to my blog. It used to be about 250. That site is so much fun. Just wish they got modern and realized the important of images.

  5. Well done Jeannette and I like the grader as well. There is also Goobedlygook grader which is great to help with your content. I find it helpful to cut jargon and simplfy my writing.

  6. Congratulations Jeannette. I am not surprised. You are so bright! I retweeted and am going to put this on the BBM Fan Page.

    I would like to interview you on this topic and send out to the BBM class.


  7. Congratulations Jeannette! I haven’t used Website Grader yet. (I’m a little worried about what it may tell me!) I’ll have to look into it and Goobedlygook grader as well. What do you do with the information from Website Grader? Is there a way to use it to build confidence in your blog?

  8. Hi Jeannette – just discovered your site! i thought I’d jump into the discussion about Website-grader – I was thrilled to discover I scored 97 too, especially since I’ve rolled up my sleeves and done things all on my own!
    I think having a WordPress blog helps a lot. And Catarina I got the same advice from WG – to use fewer and smaller pictures – which I have also tended to disregard because the art gallery of images is what readers seem to enjoy. I think if you add in the alt text to the images, images can actually help in the SEO.
    Jeannette- hope to drop by again and I’ve subscribed to your updates. You’re all welcome to visit me at Lassi with Lavina – lassi is a cooling yogurt drink from India – so drop in for a virtual lassi anytime!

    • Thanks for the clarification. Between the website graders, Alexa, Klout, etc., bloggers feel they are constantly under the microscope!