Use Mobile Technology to Engage Your Customers, or Bye-Bye

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Stanna Johnson

Anyone who came of age in the late 1980s and early 1990s can remember the time when bulky cellular phones only existed in the upper echelons of society, and computers were box-shaped, white, and played games like Oregon Trail and Minesweeper.

Nobody could have predicted the explosion of digital devices today. There are even watches with Internet connectivity. The cell phones, tablets and laptops used for mobile web browsing are incredibly sleek, lightweight and compact.

Some 5.2 billion people own mobile devices with access to the Internet.  So, if you aren’t using mobile technology you are missing an opportunity to engage and sell to your target audiences.

We’ve completely upped our technological reach while downsizing our hardware, and that trend that is going to continue indefinitely with no end in sight and no limits or restrictions on how much faster we can go and how much more information will be accessed on mobile devices.

Some Astounding Stats

The mobile market of today is incredibly robust. Whether you’re an average user looking to promote parties and trips through the use of apps, or a businessperson looking to leverage social networks to make money, going mobile is undoubtedly in your best interest. These stats* tell you why:

  • Some 5.25 billion people own a mobile phone, comprising three quarters of the entire world’s population. And this number is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.
  • By 2015, experts estimate that there will be more mobile phone subscriptions on the planet than actual people. Keep in mind: We have over 7 billion people on this planet!
  • Out of the roughly one billion Facebook users, 57% access the site through their mobile devices.
  • In the United States alone, nearly 50% of all mobile plans are smartphones. This means there are millions out there accessing the net via their iPhones and Androids and other sophisticated devices.

* Sources: Facebook, Nielsen, ComScore

Mobile Connectivity is Good for Business

While it’s unrealistic to think that shopping malls, grocery stores and clothing retailers will be shut down by a heavy influx of Internet shoppers, specifically mobile shoppers, the reality is that foot traffic is down and net-based sales are up. If you’re a businessperson looking to venture into online marketing, then going with a few solid mobile methods can help you to reach an active audience that’s more engaging and more willing to watch your advertising.

Learning how people interact with mobile devices can put you in prime position to increase profits and to grow your brand.

Using mobile technology can help you to connect with a larger, more engaged audience:

  • Mobile versions of social sites, such as Facebook, allow your posts and other updates to be viewed directly on a friend or fan’s News Feed, thus alerting them of your activity no matter where they are. Google+ offers a mobile app that enables up to nine people to join a Google+ Hangout for a group video chat.
  • Facebook offers features that can be leveraged in the mobile market such as promoting your page posts as targeted ads or using the Sponsored Stories feature. LinkedIn ads are targeted to members by industry and other demographics as are recruitment ads. Twitter offers Promoted Tweets to advertisers.
  • Mobile viewing requires producing high quality content to attract and keep visitors returning to your site. You will also need to be sure your service or product offerings are of high quality to gain market share more quickly.
Mobile phone with Facebok image

Facebook by mobile

The mobile market is growing so quickly that many marketers are scrambling to keep up. The speed and convenience of mobile browsing draws in millions of new viewers every month.

Today’s mobile market is vast, active, engaging, and ready to log on to check their social updates and messages at any given time.

The good news is that you don’t need much to join the game at this point. With the right apps you can begin tailoring your content for the mobile market and open up a brand new sales funnel for your products and services.

Stanna Johnson is a member of the editorial team of Qwaya, a Facebook campaign monitoring tool.

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  1. Am impressed with the statistics on the mobile market. Things move so quickly that any encouragement to continue the learning process is like gold to me. Thanks for the supportive reminders to stay in the mobile world market.

  2. These are impressive stats for sure. All you have to do is to look around and we are all on our mobile devices almost 24/7. Engaging with our customer in that way is now a requirement not a choice… LOL. Loved the article and reminder I need to check on mobile stuff. 🙂

    • Thanks, Susan. My website is set up for mobile viewing and has been for a couple of years but I need to update it so that a visitor is taken directly to my blog. Now you have to click a couple of times. If your site isn’t set up for mobile there are quite a few vendors and it’s pretty easy to do.

    • Glad to you liked it. I agree with Jeannette’s suggestion regarding setting up blogs for mobile, this is something that I don’t see a lot of bloggers are doing but should be doing. =)

  3. So intriguing. Do you know if other countries have as high a percentage of smart phones? I can remember traveling in Europe in the early 1990s and – cell phones were in many people’s hands then. It’s hard to stay up with all of this for certain so thanks for the valuable information.

    • Thank you for the interesting question, as of the moment I can’t find stats about the mobile usage in Europe but based on your observation during your visit there I think the usage is somewhat the same since the sales of mobile phones in Europe is continuously increasing.

  4. Pat — I’m not sure about the statistics of other countries, although I just did a search and didn’t find anything. But I’m sure they are out there. Glad the information was helpful.

  5. What is kind of sad is there are still many small businesses that do not even have a website, let alone one that has responsive design. I am lucky my theme has it built in. I have also seen a number of businesses developing specific apps that help customers. Weight Watchers in Australia was advertising theirs and if you were in their program it would make life easier.

  6. I hadn’t thought about playing mindsweeper for ages! I sometimes think about my iPhone and how I essentially use it as a mini-universe at my fingertips. I can imagine there must be some fascinating studies that look at why mobile technology is so fascinating and explosive in growth.

  7. Hello Jeri! me too! I think the reason why mobile technology is so fascinating and explosive in growth is that it allows you to communicate and discover things anywhere because mobile phones are handy. =)

  8. I am often talking to clients and potential clients about the importance of mobile. Some realize it, while others downplay its importance. Today’s mobile phones are can do more than the big computers I used back in the 1980’s. I suggest new clients look to have responsive websites, so they are only working on one site, a site that will work for both desktop and mobile.

  9. It’s clear that shops will be a thing of the past. Just a question of how long it takes. Why buy your vitamins in a shop when you can buy them online for much less. Even when you have them sent from the UK to Sweden.

    Needless to say it’s essential for e-shops to cater to smartphones. Seems the majority of people nowadays cannot let go of their smartphone for even a minute. So once they get an idea to buy something, your product or service has to come up when they search. If not, you are losing money:-)

  10. It is indeed amazing how many people use mobile phones! When I was in Dubai a few year ago, a friend of mine who lived there took me to where the locals shop. And it was one mobile phone shop after the other! I was really surprised by that.

    I’m starting to use an iPad mini to do more surfing now, and do find that the app versions are better for accessing social media sites. Everything is changing SO fast!

  11. Hi Stanna, Thanks for sharing such a informative topic. I surely agree with you that today no business can think without mobile and, yes, it has been proved as a boon tool to reach out to the potential customers. The number of mobile users are increasing at a very exponential rate and I think it would be a big mistake not to use mobile technology.